Move away from Analysis-Paraysis


Do you take ages to decide on something? Do you get stuck at making a choice? Do you find it difficult to pick one out of the available options? Well.. welcome to the world of Analysis Paralysis!

Analysis Paralysis is a condition when you can’t make a decision quickly enough because you tend to overthink or over-analyze it. While it’s good to weigh the pros and cons of any decision at hand, overdoing it might start impacting your decision-making-power negatively and you might end up not taking a decision at all.

They say: Devil lies in the details, dig deeper. 
I say: While digging deeper, maintain a safe distance with the Devil so as not to be eaten by it.

If the Devil is infact in the details, it might trap you in its own world of never-ending decisions. As a result, things get stalled or delegated to others wasting your precious time and loading you with crazy stress.

And I won’t say it’s entirely your fault. The world has been so full of choices and options that it has become increasingly tough to decide on something. Think about how long you took to order at a restaurant or planning a trip.

Too many choices are sucking away your happiness

Is there a way to atleast minimize this? There certainly is, if we try to remember these obvious points that we choose to ignore while making a decision:

1. Set your priorities

If everything is a priority to you, then nothing is.
You know best where you should ideally spend more of your time. If there is an insignificant decision you are making, force yourself to quickly close it. Don’t let it hanging or spend more than required time on it.

If it is a life turning decision, definitely spend time on it. Whenever you are in a dilemma, ask yourself if it will matter in the next 2 years. If the answer is No, you know its not worth so much of your time.

2. It’s ok to be wrong

Why does anyone take time in deciding something? It’s because you always want to make the right choice. It is a human nature that you never want to be wrong in your life.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. So stop beating yourself up to always make the perfectly right decision.

3. Set up a deadline

This is THE most important thing to do. Please please set up a deadline if you don’t want things to be left half-completed. When your mind knows about the deadline, it guides you accordingly and you move faster. Without a deadline, your decision might remain pending forever.

I myself started writing on Medium only when I set up a deadline. Whatever it is that you have/want to do, tie it up with a deadline and see how decisions start impacting your life positively.

4.Break it into more steps

Your entire life doesn’t depend on a single decision. It is a series of small decisions you make on the way that matter. If you have a big enough decision at hand, try breaking it into mini decisions that will ultimately take you to the big decision. Baby steps, remember?

5. Eliminate options

I learnt this while preparing for my competitive exams. This is one of the quick strategies to solve a question: you start eliminating options. This is very well applicable in today’s life. As the options become overwhelming, start the process of eliminating so that you are left with lesser choices in the end.

Less is More. Less is good.

6. There is nothing that can’t be reversed

Most of the decisions you make are not going to be written in stone. You can review it, change it or make other alternate choices even after you have decided on something. Every decision is not life-changing.

7. Trust your intuition

We don’t realize this but our intuition is not so bad. Whenever you are completely stuck in a deadlock decision, give your intuition a chance. It might turn out to be the hero you desperately needed.

8. Good enough is good

Yeah I know perfect things are best. A perfect dress, perfect music, perfect trip, perfect food, perfect job, perfect car, perfect you.

Perfection is a myth, don’t aim for perfection. If something is good enough, good. Go ahead with it. Keep iterating over it to make it better. Add good things to it and subtract the bad ones.

To be able to take decisions in an optimum time works wonders. It is directly proportional to how well you are living your life. What decisions are you making today?

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