Why Engineering?



If you have been pondering about the reasons for an exponential increase in the no. of budding engineers in India today, I have already done the work for you. Excluding 0.0001% of the total engineering students who really have a passion for it, everybody else will atleast have one of the following reasons for being into this profession.

(These are just general points listed, you might have a different story than this!)


1) It’s cool!
It’s a nice big word. The moment you say you are an engineer, an air of dignity comes in. You become the Saheb who seems to know all about the world from what is a hard disk, to how does a rocket work, to the speed of an aeroplane, to the circuitry of your house, to the changing economy, to smartphones, to robots, to NASA, to America…
Actually you can always boast of knowing something brilliant and out of the world, you are too big to be cross-questioned!


2) Everybody does it.
Every second person is an engineer today. Be it your friends, your brothers, your neighbors, your cousins, your friend’s cousin, your brother’s friend, your cousin’s neighbor. You can safely apply all the permutations here, all will be valid.
It’s a fashion. How could you be behind?


3) Safe and secure.
With Indian population touching the peak of Mount Everest, it’s the Charle’s Darwin theory of the survival of the fittest. A four-year B.Tech will eventually give you a nice, typical 9-5 job, sooner or later. Why take risk of doing something different and land up nowhere?
All that you need to do is Do B.Tech and be bangalored. Life settled.


4) Were there other options too?
Welcome to the world of ignorance! All that a 10th standard student knows is that taking Maths makes him an engineer and taking Biology makes him a doctor. And then meet 12th standard scholars who will know all the techniques of doing integration, rotational mechanics, organic chemistry, chemical equilibrium, functions and graphs but don’t have time to look at any option other than IITs, AIEEE, State Exams.
Do lawyers, architects, fashion designers, photographers appear from Alladin’s Chirag?


5) It’s Easy.
Come on! All the hard(ly) working engineers know how easy it is to just get through all the papers. For the aspirants, go for the paper and mark any option out of A, B, C, D. So what if you get a rank of 221614? (This used to be my landline number. Doesn’t matter, these ranks exist too) There must be some college waiting for you. You might get lucky with the options too! If your dad earns good, congratulations! You have successfully entered into your almost dreamt college.


6) You need time to think
If you are confused with what you want to do in your life, enter an engineering college. You get full 4 years to explore, analyze, evaluate what and how you want your life to be! There is enough time to do experiments with what you like doing. This answers why many people actually don’t go for engineering stuff after getting the degree.


7) Parents like it
All that the parents of today wish for their child is that he should be an engineer and should be married to a pretty, good looking girl. Parents would love to see their child following the social convention of being a “B.Tech”. According to them, only engineering means real tough padhai, rest is all light, frivolous, easy-to-go type courses. And you being an Adarsh Beta fulfill your farz of making them happy.

This is just a satire on the most common reasons because of which students do engineering. These might or might not apply to you.

P.S: If you are an engineer (probability of 0.9), you can probably understand this post better than the rest of the world.
If you are not an engineer(probability of 0.1), you just wasted your 5 mins. It wasn’t for you anyway, you are well out of this. Congrats!

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